TRQ, update

trq aug 2 2013

Short-term analysis using can be a little difficult due to the dearth of data points , so far so good so we will hazard an educated guess. Wave 3 of one (or A) was completed this morning right on the open. All action during the day was wave 4 and Tuesday we will do wave 5 of one – most of that will already be done in the US as they are open Monday. This should take us above $6  Then wave 2 (or B) back to $4.50 or so and then the next leg up. In the mean time rumours have it that the great-great-grandson of Genghis Kahn has challenged the CEO of Rio Tinto (or a substitute if he so chooses) to a friendly pony horse race across the Mongolian steppes. He will lose ,of course, and if he can keep his head, he will, as that is what local etiquette demands. This will lead to a new budding friendship and all the minor flies in the ointment will be removed and Mongolia will prosper for years to come. This stock will flie once again.