TSCO, Tractor Supply Co.

tsco aug 19 2013

This stock traded below $1 as recently as 2001. It gains about $10 on average every year. We thought $70 was already pretty good. $125 is really good and we would sell. It trades at a p/e of about 28x, nearly twice the norm for the market as a whole. This is a great store even if the name is a bit of a misnomer. You can get all sorts of hardware and tools, rat poison, seeds, cedar posts and aerators and the overalls and other clothing that you need when using them. A bit like Home Hardware and your local Co-op combined. EW wise the best we can come up with is a very extended 3d wave and a 5th that is roughly equal to wave one. Not a lot but enough to suggest that if you were lucky enough to own this one, to sell it now.