VRX, update

vrx jan 7 2014

We got this one completely wrong. It keeps growing through acquisitions and the philosophy , as stated by the CEO, is to aim high if that is where you want to go. And they do as they hope to become the 5th largest pharma company in the next few years which implies that the present capitalisation will have to move from about $40 bln. to $150 bln, no mean feat by any standards. We simple do not believe it, not just because this used to be Biovail, but because of their intangible assets;

vrx financials jan 7 2014

With about $23 bln. in intangibles (goodwill if you prefer) out of a total of $28 bln. in total assets this is a disaster waiting to happen. We are not sure why it got here but probable the fact that pharma has done well lately and that Canada only has one company in that sector has a lot to do with it. No doubt it will go a little higher yet but this is a momentum play that we wouldn’t want any part of. A sell.