SWC, Stillwater update

This is a fascinating stock. Owned by Russian interest in the middle of the US wilderness (Montana) it stays under most peoples radar. They are miners of white gold, platinum. We have done very well with it and hope to continue that record (see previous blogs). Here are the updated charts;

swc may 2 2014 bswc may 27 2014

We are changing our count to a very large A-B-C X A-B-C or double zig-zag. The X is the intervening leg. If you look closely you will notice that both A-B-Cs have more or less identical structures (fractals). If correct the next big move should be wave C of the second A-B-C. If it compares well to the same corresponding wave C of the first A-B-C, it should be rather nasty and ultimately should make a new low. As usual we have no idea what might trigger such a sharp move. Perhaps new ways of building catalytic convertors, perhaps geopolitical turmoil or perhaps a leap in the alchemists’ science. Time will tell but we would sell now.