RDEN, Elizabeth Arden update

The usual then – Dec. 2011 – and now charts;

rden l dec 2011rden aug 20 2012

It looked like a sell at $40, it wasn’ as the stock managed to climb all the way to $50. We got the “degree” wrong, what looked like the top of a five wave sequence , with the benefit of hindsight, proved to be only the top of wave 3. However, given the speed at which this stock has retraced it might still have been beneficial to get out at that level. The founder of this company, Florence Nightingale changed her name to Elizabeth Arden but the stocks drop has nothing to do with the troubles in Crimea or the Ukraine. Apparently the excuse is that the Bieber, who was used as a sales prop for many of their products, just behaved badly. Eternal life however, is still available with some of the products.

Right now the stock looks to be oversold but the count down is not at all clear. If you did sell at $40 this is not a bad level to buy back but aside from that we would be neutral.