ATD.A Alimentation Couch-Tard Inc. update

atd oct 4 2014

After almost six years of rising constantly, we prognosticated, a month ago, that this stock would fall. 4 days later it peaked marginally higher and then lost almost $4 or 11% in a week. Then as now we are not absolutely sure of the exact count. Judging by this detailed chart, which shows the 5th wave we think, it is possible that the entire rise is complete and we will have a large drop with this only the beginning (in blue).  Alternatively this 5th wave may not be complete and we are presently in a 4th of 5 and probable tracing out what will become a triangle (in grey). This latter possibility suggests a top in the vicinity of $39 or so. As decisiveness is, and bravery is not, a good character trait in the investment business we would sell here again if we had not already done so on Sept. 4