DOW, update

dow jan27 2015 bdow jan 27 2015 s

Tomorrow, I think, is another Fed. day, or are there two. Either way in the next one or two days we should get a Yellen day. That is a day that is good for at least 300 points or so up not because there is a reason, just simple because it is a Yellen day.

The Dow displays the same triangle as we have seen all over the place. The c leg is just a little more complex but we are ready to go. The triangle, if that is what it is, measures about 1000 points so 18400 might be possible ( maybe a Yellen, Draghi, and Poloz day one after the other). The thought alone is disgusting.

As a caution, it should be kept in mind that there is a bearish alternate possibility. It is lurking in the bush;

6 bears