IBB, the Ishares Biotechnology, update

ibb march 20 2015

Not too long ago this ETF looked like it was going vertical already at about $320. We thought it was a sell then, Dec. of last year and even earlier. Wrong. We are up another $30/$40 and are going more vertical. Of course you cannot possible go pure vertical as that would imply that time stands still , yes that takes a minute to digest but think about it.

    Looking at this chart again I was reminded of the Brenner cycle. It is a little known cycle that uses, alternatively, 7,8 and 9 year cycles for highs and lows in the market. More interestingly there is also the Joseph cycle which has biblical proportions and turns precisely on seven years. If you are so inclined you will notice that for the first seven years this ETF acted rather miserably (relative to the market overall which essentially doubled over the same time). Then we get seven years of plenty which period should end in about 5 months or so. If you buy into the message then you should save now for a rainy day, or more correctly in Egyptian terms, seven years without rain. In short a sell.