ABX update

The usual then, Aug. 4 , and now charts;

abx aug 4 2015abx oct 15 2015

So after a few false starts that were recognized in time our target was set at $8 Can. or $6 US. This is the diagonal that we have been talking so much about. It is shown on semi-log scale charts. The next target should be around $23 or , in the worst case, at least $16. These are the starting point of this pattern or a 4th wave of previous degree. You are up about 35% had you bought at the target level, however there is a lot more to go.

Fundamentally the impetus for this up move must be the realization that the Fed. is going to do absolutely nothing for, perhaps, a very long time. For the sake of completeness we repeat the big picture from Aug.4 below;

abx aug 4 2015 b

This chart is on a normal scale but uses stock prices in US dollars.