TSX update

The usual the, Oct. 9, 2015, and now charts;

TSX oct 9 2015tsx nov 12 2015 s

Just a quick update. On the left our view as of the beginning of October, Oct. the 9th to be precise. Since then we have dropped about 1000 points.  THAT IS NOTHING! We may now be at the start of wave 3 which could, repeat could, easily become  a 4 to 5000 point decline or more and that would still not be the end of it. It could happen rather slowly, or very rapidly and perhaps even not at all. Time will tell. Below is a possible big picture;

tsx nov 12 2015 b

example of a stock that has gone down this road a little further would be BTU or BHP which is shown below;

bhp nov 12 2015

Billiton is, of course in the commodities biz, but then so is Canada. The best way not to play this if you are a lender, is to grow your business like crazy at this time , preferable using agents that care less about your continuity. A 10 mln loan may only be valued at 2 mln once this is over.