NKO, Niko Resources just a vague memory

nko feb 24 2016

We were very lucky to exit this stock back in September of 2012 with a decent gain, looking to perhaps buy it back later but never got to doing that.

These guys had been around for a while and then all of a sudden decided to go overseas and offshore. First oil and gas in India and Bangladesh, then Indonesia and Trinidad. Then a corruption scandal and here we are at 9 cents. This is full circle, something that tends to happen when there are bubbles.

We show this chart because it a good schematic picture of what can happen. We have seen this with iron ore, oil and so on and it is impossible to know in advance if there will be a soft landing  or a crash. Commodities, of course, always come back simple because they will continue to exist. Companies are not that fortunate. Their debts can pull them down below zero.