TCK.B, update

The usual, then 23d. Aug. 2015, and now charts.

TCK.b aug 28 2015tck.b feb 2016

tck.b feb 22 2016

In the text we said that normally a new low should be made. That low was, as far as we can ascertain at $4.25. The new low was actually at $3.65, so let us assume that you followed the blog and bought at $4.25 or even $5. Today you will have doubled your money (almost) but in the next few days this stock should go to about $11 (wave 4 of previous degree). There it would be good to exit as a wave 2 can retrace an awfully large part of W1.

Here are our comments made in July 2012,including that chart;

When you look closely and apply a little common sense, it is all of a sudden not that hard to see how this stock could go to $15 if the pendulum swings through it’s equilibrium as it invariable does. If you like the H&S approach the target is lower at around $10. The true EW target is actually below $5.

TCK jul 25 2012

and from 2011;

tck.b jan 4 2011