ACQ, Auto Canada update

The then, Jan 30, 2015 and now charts as usual;

acq jan 31 2015acq mar 21 2016

As you can see, and I do confess that there are more blogs that you may wish to look at, we were a tad on the early side on this stock but by selling at that time you would have lost an opportunity to make , perhaps 10 or 20 dollars more, but you may have saved yourself 40 or 50 dollars as well. In any event this is a double zig-zag. All corrections are essentially A-B-C which is often a zig-zag if it is straight down. Then the whole process repeats, sometimes even twice. That is how you get the double or triple zig-zag. There are never more than three!

So, for the moment at least , it looks like $10 might be the next target. Keep your eye on the RSI.

Sorry, but my graphic designer is away on vacation.