Dow starting 2nd quarter

dow april 2 2018

As you know, I am biased towards the bearish scenario, this is the bullish one. I can only get this chart using hourly dots and consequently the actual low today was more than 100 points below what this chart shows, 23344 to be precise. From that low it has already bounced 300 points or so in the last half hour. The S&P, for the first time in a long time, broke the 200 day moving average. The chart potentially is showing a 5-3-5, A-B-C corrective move in which the C is a diagonal (all waves in the diagonal should be 3s). If so it is complete.

    The problem is that a series of 1-2s could look very much the same so I would step aside and just watch this in total disbelief. Maybe Trump will start praising Amazon tomorrow.

Below is a picture of CAT, similar to the Dow;

cat apr 3 2018