CIX, CI Financial Corp. update.

The then, Sept. 8, 2013 and now charts, as usual;

cix sept 2013cix feb 13 2016

So we had a sell at the end of 2013 at about $33. As you can see, no two charts are the same depending on the level of resolution (every minute, hour, or day) and the hi-lo kind of stuff. On the Bigchart a triangle seems to fit, whereas on the Globe&Mail one a running flat seems more appropriate. The actual high was around $37 some 5 months or so later. Anyway we are already at $27 so all is well that ends well.

This mutual fund company is, I believe, 39% owned by Bank of Nova Scotia, so it does not have to go as low as, for instance, AGF (it is in this blog). Nevertheless their world has shrunk. It used to be that the client makes, say, 7.5% and the company 2.5% and everybody is happy. Now that is more 2.5% for you and 2.5% for us and nobody is happy. The business is more difficult due to all sorts of regulations and on top of that the trust is very low. We have a higher regard for the guy at Home Depot selling vinyl siding than we do for these guys and gals, perhaps for good reason.

Look for about $15 at the very least and then just under $10, the 4th wave of previous degree. Mutual funds may become just as popular as the Polaroid camera by the time this bear is done.

We add two funds chosen randomly and invite you to the website if you wish to test the 50/50 proposition. We have a bond and equity fund, the latter is guaranteed which means it is life insured at a certain age, which ties you to it. Would you care to own them?

CiInvestmentsEN1CiInvestmentsfund 2

If you look at the one on the left with a MER of >5% it is probable 3% plus 2% for the guarantee. Looking at the chart on the right, –click on it to enlarge- it looks very much identical to the TSE which makes me wonder if this is just another “closet-indexer” that does not deserve such a high management fee. We do not need any help to shrink our portfolio!        Your investment advisor receives about 1/2 maximum of the MER, which is why he, not you, has the yacht.

CIX, CI Financial

cix sept 2013

We have been wrong on this once before, but that was then, three years ago and this is now. We would sell the stock immediately, if for no other reason than that it is about to double top, always a good place to step aside for a little while. This wealth manager is, of course, 36% owned by the Bank of Nova Scotia. In the background there is always talk that they may want to own all of it. We have no idea and in any event that would be a fundamental issue which really is not our cup of tea anyway.

Elliot, the guy that summarized all the different patterns observed – there are only 13 of them – never endorsed the existence of “running” triangles. However other practitioners have subsequently found pragmatic reasons to add the odd “new” pattern. To me what matters is that it works, that we will soon find out. Assuming this thing exists than the above chart is that of an A-B-C wave B where the  middle B is such a running triangle. If so you do not want to own this stock any longer.

CIX, CI Financial

CI Financial has about $94 bln. in assets under management which puts them right up there in terms of size. The chart is interesting to say the least;

ci 2012

EW does not always provide the answers. At least half the time it would simple be a guessing game and therefore it is important to analyze charts to find the stocks that do have a clear picture and leave the others alone. CI falls in that category but I cannot resist the temptation.

This is a huge 14 year long triangle or, at the very least, a congestion pattern. The purple line is an approximation of the base line but it has no other meaning. The triangle is drawn in such a way that it will result in a thrust down, it is bearish. If you move the a,b,c,d and e one further to the right  you would get the same thing but bullish! The bear just seems to fit better given what is going on overall. The e-leg most often does not go to the trend-line, in fact it is probable close to done. Not much to go by but at least it is a roadmap.