CIX, CI Financial

CI Financial has about $94 bln. in assets under management which puts them right up there in terms of size. The chart is interesting to say the least;

ci 2012

EW does not always provide the answers. At least half the time it would simple be a guessing game and therefore it is important to analyze charts to find the stocks that do have a clear picture and leave the others alone. CI falls in that category but I cannot resist the temptation.

This is a huge 14 year long triangle or, at the very least, a congestion pattern. The purple line is an approximation of the base line but it has no other meaning. The triangle is drawn in such a way that it will result in a thrust down, it is bearish. If you move the a,b,c,d and e one further to the right  you would get the same thing but bullish! The bear just seems to fit better given what is going on overall. The e-leg most often does not go to the trend-line, in fact it is probable close to done. Not much to go by but at least it is a roadmap.