TSE once again , triangle working sofar


My Java, not the coffe but the computer programme is still not working ok and as a result I cannot (yet) make annotations within the chart itself which would make things more readable. But this is a work in progress!  Both the TSE S&P and, for that matter , many others appear to be in their 4th waves which are frequently triangles, particularly if the second wave was a zig-zag and alternation should be anticipated. Triangles should be a-b-c-d-e affaires and each leg should be a 3-wave structure (as opposed to 5) and more often than not the alternatively relate to each other by a factor of 62%. So a is from8537 to 10199, b from there to the low of 7647, c the most complex back up to 9505 and most recently d down to todays low of 8650 or so. Probable it is not yet over, a little closer to 8000 would look better, then back up in e o roughly 9000. Then 5 starts down 2000 or so points! This wave could extend as neither of the others, that is 1 or 3 seem to have done so. Once the 5 subwaves of 5 of C are done this will be a screaming buy for a minimum of 30% up over 3/4 months. Again the would be a good instrument for this.