CAT Feb 18

cat feb 18

Here is Cat again. This one together with J Deere and Cummings were all predictable basket cases close to the tops. Now the bottom may be closer than the top. Cat has completed, almost completed a fairly clear 5-waves down. If 5 is to equal 1, a normal event, then it should travel about $20 and therefore should end at about $26. An extension cannot be excluded but given the target of about $47 the risk/reward equation fovours the long side soon. DE and CMI, Cummings are in slightly different positions but should also have upward potential soon.

CWB, Canadian Western Bank, where they boast that they finance anything that is yellow and burns diesel, a corresponding uptick might be in the cards soon. The stock is down 62% from $32 to about $11 and appears to be trying to retest the previous low.