MFC Feb 17

mfc feb 17

One look at the lawn on the Bloor street head-office tells you that this company thinks in a very clean and organized manner. Everything is properly compartmentalized  ( I worked for them briefly) and consequently things can be a little rigid. When they came out a few years ago with the “income plus” product, which product safeguards the buyer against the markets wicked fluctuations, the question was who carries the risk.  Of course there was no risk as statistically it can be proven that there never was or will be a 10-year period during which stocks did not return at least 5%, that is until this latest black swan showed up and now it is clear that they are self- insured but then 10 years have not passed yet! With about 17 billion of this stuff on the books the stock gets hit twice on the way down. On the other side this also applies on the way up. IMO this should be bought at between $14 and $12 or lower , with a target of $24 or so.