JP6326 (a.k.a. Kubota)

Kubota is the maker of farm tractors and implements, mostly diesel powered and “small scale”. They are by far the best in their field, so if you are thinking of buying a  Deere, a Cat. or anything powered by Cummings you should  have a peek at how JP6326 has actually done BEFORE you buy into the “runs like a deer” slogan. Here is the chart:


Now it does not take a lot to recognize that this might be a “double top”, quite amazing actually considering it took 17 years. Anyway it does not bode well so it behooves one to be doubly on guard before buying John Deere, especially when it is actually made in  Dijon, France or the engine is a Yamaha. Here it is:

de feb23

Now that that does not work it is perhaps a good time to look at Cat after all that is infrastructure if ever there was such a thing or Cummings (CMI). Here is that chart (left) and Cat (right):


              Cat feb 23

There is a lesson here, rather than doing the same thing three times over and expecting a different result, THINK GLOBAL, or put in a different way, there are very few things under the sun that have not happened sometime before, somewhere. Targets for these stocks are at the lines drawn, for Kubota it is at about 250 Yen. For Cat it is about $15 and DE about the same For full disclosure , I own one, not the stock, the thing itself. I do not have a will but its durability might just induce me to stop procrastinating.