WMT Feb 20 (by special request)

WMT feb 19

WMT is on its way to $42 for starters, where the triangle has its base. After that it should implode as it catches up with the S&P index’.

wmt feb 19 2  This is the 5 wave up, the triangle is , of course the 4th, the 5th is a failure like most of us as we get older, it did not make a new high but it did meet its life script, almost as if mother-in-law is watching. This one is going to do the usual 50-62% retracement.

WMT feb 20 3

At least to $42 but potentially a lot lower, for instance if we are looking at a 1-2, 1-2 situation.

Stay short, the best is yet to come.