S&P Where we are today, March 19

S&P March 19

Today is a big day according to Martin Armstrong, I will not go into the details as you can Google this and make up your own mind. In my, I should say in E-wave terms this is also an important point. As I have said earlier , about 800 is very critical to the outlook as this is where “ overlap” would occur  if we were to go higher. Now overlap, on purely empirical evidence, cannot occur except in a diagonal (shown in green).  this is either going to happen or it is not and if it does happen we are going to go much higher (at least 1000) If not we first go lower to about 630 to get to the 61.8% down level and only then do we go higher.

Canada may be at the same spot;

TSE March 19

It already has a “little”overlap.