Your broker looks like this? March 19

idi amin

It is always difficult to assess whether or not your broker and you are a good fit. Today I had a long lunch with a potential client who asked me a few questions on this matter and here are just some of the many observations that are worth sharing.

1. If your broker looks like the guy in the photo get rid of him immediately. The reason is obvious, he is not wearing his Canadian Securities Course diploma on his chest -  the ONLY “academic” requirement to become a member of this elite group – without it he /she may not be fully qualified.

2.If your broker does not speak to you- as in communicate- and likewise you do not either there may just be a little incompatibility of your respective personalities, move on as life is too short to have to endure such a burden for too long.

3.“Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim”,Bertrand Russell .  Brokers , being salesmen first and foremost, are always eager to oblige in the former role, leaving you with the latter one. This is not how it should be, both parties should get a fair deal, there should be a reasonable balance between performance/effort and cost however that might be measured. 


to be continued.