TSE March 24

spx march 24

Nasdaq march 24

DAX march24

Nikkei March 24

Here we have the whole lot. From TSE to &P to Nasdaq and then overseas to DAX and Nikkei. All charts are similar but as you go down the list the idea of a triangle moves from a perfect fit to less likely in the case of the Nikkei. Anyway after yesterday it is clear that we are not going to get that little leg down that  would make it conclusive. Not that surprising seeing that just about everything looks like a buy. in the meantime is up almost $12 from the low just under $26, all of this in two weeks.

On the TSE we are entering a corrective up wave that typically retraces at least 38% (10400), often 50% (11250)  and or 68% (12135).  That does not mean that we might not first get a little pull back but for the time being one should try to be long. Some segments of the market are already up 20% or so, whereas others have not budged that much (Sherritt f.i.). By the way, BBD.B made the 30% sell point and so did BAC.