S&P (SPX) April 25 by comparison to TSE

S&P April 25

Just to compare the two, here is the &P. Unlike the TSE it has , so far at least , stayed within the par. boundaries (red) quite precisely) Waves A and C (purple) are vector equal but also equal in time and amplitude, precisely in fact. And even though we are not even close to the 200-day moving average, the distance from the low at the devilish 666 level to the high of 875+ works out to 31,3% (more than historically for a wave 2) Both the and the MACD are already dropping. The wedge is much clearer than on the TSE and does have a completed look. Also, as yet we have not made a new high since Monday. The only remaining fly in the ointment is that as a C-wave there should be 5 waves , that is not crystal clear.