WMT Jan. 2010

WMT is another one of those stocks that is impervious to the market in general. It looks a lot like Colgate-Palmolive except it was not able to thrust up after the triangle appeared to be complete. This may indicate a failure which would support the idea of a reasonable sharp decline. Before that the stock could still gain a dollar or two but I doubt it. Why the stock might go down is not clear, other than the pattern of course, but within the context of /USA Wallmart is the poster child par excellence and the possibilities are legio. Moreover WMT is famous for its great labor-union relations which may start to deteriorate for real. In the end, under the new Obama approach for trade, less imports more exports , it is perhaps good to remember that WMT is the single largest importer in the US (mostly from China).

WMT Jan 2010WMT Jan 2010 2

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