Interestingly, DELL has followed much the same path as SLE; in fact it is running ahead a little. Here are both long and short term charts.

Dell aug 2010 2Dell aug 2010

Note that Dell lost 86% of it’s value in about 9/11 years, depending where one puts the top. This is , of course, a tech company that cannot in anyway shape or form be compared to Sara Lee (why not?), and as tech stocks are prone to drop to zero one must be very careful drawing too many conclusions. Nevertheless, when you think about it Dell is as much a marketing as a manufacturing company and this at least it has in common with SLE.

Assuming the $8 low was the low and here too we are in the next bull phase, we have completed wave 1 up AND probable wave 2 down. Wave 3 up lies ahead. Again use a stop-loss at $11 or so!