F, update from Aug 26.

f aug 26 2010 F Nov 2010

On the left is the chart from August 27th with the green pattern as the most “’elegant” possibility. This based on the EW probability of corrective waves returning to the 4th wave of previous degree, seen here in a big chart picture.

F bigchart 2010

The count is probable incorrect as there is likely a 4-5,4-5 series at the end but that does not matter here. $17 (or so) is the ideal target. The actual high was $17.42, a little above the $17 I mentioned as the max.This is possible if a triangle did occur! I suspect the stock is rising in sympathy with the IPO but the why of it is not entirely clear. There was a little gap just above $15 and both the RSI and MACD are turning. I would definitely stand aside here and brood on why I had not bought a truckload of this stuff.       Click on charts to enlarge and move them around.