pot jan 2011 1 pot jan 2011 2

Then and now. chart on left plus text gave the expected trajectory. We were in a wave 3 expected to end at $160 or so. In reality we went almost a dollar higher. then we got wave 4 that lasted almost 3 months and took the stock down about $25 or so. A first wave up and second down followed and more recently we are in a third wave of 5. That implies that we need a 4 (most likely a triangle or flat) and a 5th to complete the sequence. How far it will go is anyone’s guess. Recently put it in the focus list (may explain the self fulfilling action the last few days!)and reported excellent profits.. Perhaps 170 or even 180. However after that we go back to $135 or lower, maybe a lot lower. Keep an eye on this stock and be ready to step aside.