RDSa, Royal Dutch and the Can.$$ (CDW)

So what do Royal Dutch and the have in common? Oil! Royal Dutch goes back a long way (Bataafsche  Petroleum Maatschappij N.V.) and is presently one of two of the largest integrated oil companies. The Canadian dollar is now a petro-dollar as they say, so , presumable what is good for one is good for the other and v.v..

 cdw 20112 rds feb2011

On the left is the Can.$ with its 5th wave up from around 78. This wave is clearly a wedge, an ending pattern that invariable will retrace to its origin or below 93. On the right is Royal Dutch with an equally clear B-wave, close to the usual 61% retracement, =b etc. etc.  Time to exit both. First lets see if the stuff itself agrees; It does.

Brent 2011