T, Telus. (update).

t 2011 4

See also previous blogs. This company reported earnings today and beat the street by 1 cent. They all either beat, or miss by 1,2, or 3 cents but it is completely useless and meaningless noise. The stock, in any case , barely moved. It first fell 62% and then retraced a similar amount and it now sits at the b-wave level of the 2007/10 drop. The light on this one is neither red or green , instead it is yellow.

Nevertheless the stock is a sell. This is the original Alberta government telecom company gone private. In Canada governments are fooling around with band-width, content and other such issues. The CRTC is soon going to come with some new rules etc.etc. Competition should increase and as our 3 main phone companies charge exorbitant fees, relative to other markets, odds are that their profitability will decrease. At the present level the stock is up 70% from the blows and clearly well into the “high” range by a very healthy margin.