F, GM, TM (Toyota)



First Toyota. The big chart should bring tears to the eyes of the true (avers), in that it follows all the pragmatic little rules and guidelines perfectly, so far. My drawing is simplified just to get the message across better, but in reality wave 3 tops one block lower as wave 4 is most likely an irregular zig-zag. The top line should go through the top of wave 1. The result is that wave 5 is equal to 1 and 3 combined, there is alternation between 2 and 4 and the 3d of 3 is extended. All picture perfect.

Typically correction take a stock to the level of the 4th wave of previous degree, roughly $40. Furthermore, again this is typical, the stock loses at least 62% of its value, about $50. It has done neither of these,yet. It will , if it keeps behaving.


Ford has pretty well also done what it should having completed a first wave up, right into the level of the 4th wave and at about the 50% retracement level. From there it has dropped in, what appears to be, a very nice 5 wave down for A. If you are courageous the next B wave up should be good for $3/4 to the upside, but after that the stock should go down in the wave  to at least $10 (but possible $7).

GM peaked after its public offering at the beginning of the year. Since then it has dropped below the issue price. There is little chart to go by but what little there is does not look promising.