R Romarco Minerals Inc.

R 2011

So this company is doing a little alchemy of its own, regurgitating old gold tailings in the US of A. They made it to #1 position in “emerging” stocks in 2010, are having a few problems with the EPA (environmental protection agency) , had their stock halted etc.etc. Very, very speculative that is certain. But the wave count is classic and perfect. It has completed Wave 1 up and is now doing 2 down. Wave 2 should complete either at $1.50, $1.37 or $1.25 respectively wave 4 and c = b, 62% retracement and wave 4 of 3. Once complete the stock should rise back to the  $2.60 level, more or less as a minimum. It could, for all I know go much higher but I am only interested in a quick return of close to 100%. The stock hit a low of $1,80 today so pick your number and put in the buy order in advance, the lower you go the larger the return but also the bigger the chance of not getting it at all, which, needless to say equals a return of zero!