SWI Swisher Hygiene Inc.

If the names of Wayne Huizinga, DeGroote, and the companies Waste Management, Laidlaw and Coolbrands rings a bell with you this stock would be of interest. It is in the cleaning business so you could not ask for anything more mundane than that. There is some financial engineering in the past few years. Otherwise the stock seems to have benefitted more than any other from QE2 which, of course, is nonsense. Anyway, here are the charts;

swi swi 2

First the long-term chart. It is not totally relevant as the company has changed so much but one thing is clear and that is that this is not a widow & orphans stock. It got pulverized in 2005 (clearly out of phase with the rest of the world). Then after 3/4 years of wondering through the desert, or base building as it is technically called, the stock resurrects itself. First a lot of baby steps (1-2s) and then take-off. My guess is that it could go to $8 or thereabouts . After that a substantial correction should occur.