CCO update, RIM update, Ford update.

cco june18 2011

If you use a sharp pencil , you could say that today’ low is right in the trend-line. More often than not it does not even get there. The stock could still drop to the $22 level but regardless where you buy it, it should have a rebound to the $30 level.

RIM june 18 2 2011

has dropped slightly below the trend-line. Things have never been so dark so from a contrarian view it must be a buy.

F june 18 2011

Ford also had one of these diagonals. It too exceeded the trend-line briefly. Now it is in the correction of the first bull leg. As mentioned earlier this correction can be very deep and should look like and a-b-c. $11 is where c=a, $10 is the low point in the triangle on the way up and a 60% correction would take the stock to just under $8. Where it will, in fact stop, time will tell but on average a buy at $10 will probable be profitable.