CASC , Cascade Corp.

This company does a lot with forklifts and other such equipment. In a sense it provides a fairly decent barometer of what is happening in the world, the stuff must be moved to be sold! Recently it reported a 186% increase in net income. It hardly registered and the stock is still down;


This stock retraced about 62% in a nice B-wave and is now on its way down. Excellent earnings could not change that. What is interesting from this chart is that the stock had been rising gradually for much of the last 20 years and probable beyond. As with so many other stocks, the tangent of the slope changes dramatically exactly at the time of Greenspan’s first liquidity flooding exercise to avoid the catastrophes that were awaiting us in the new century. This stock goes up 8-fold in less years.    The stock is now down 33% from its B-wave high of $55 and if it were to “regress to the mean” it should get to about $18, that is if the pendulum does not swing to the other side, which ,of course, it nearly always does.  So again the Fed.  promises to hold rates at zero for two more years. Do not expect the stock to be propelled upwards this time, the difference is what is called the “liquidity trap” or, in the vernacular of the lay, “pushing on a string”.