FAZ , Direxion Financial Bear 3x

FAZ aug b 2011 FAZ aug 2011

By special request. This is for pros only, or at least those that are not faint of heart. This one has come down from such highs that the recent lows are almost certainly a low, implying that the next big move is up(this is the inverse of the financials!). Overlap in EW is not acceptable, but this thing is leveraged 3x and consequently the swings are much wider. With that caveat this, IMO, is the proper count. Given that wave 5 down was a wedge, it should be retraced completely. That would take you to 95 for wave 1. Short-term we are in 4th wave, that seems to be complete already but could develop into a triangle as well. This would take more time but should not lead to a lower than the most recent one.