BID, Sotheby’s Holdings Inc.

bid jan 2012bid s jan 2012

Sotheby’s did exceptionally well since the March 2009 lows, going roughly from 5 to 55 and getting close to a double top. Not selling there is an unforgiveable error. The stock is on it’s way to about $23 as a first target. This chart is identical to the one before, so it is truly ad nauseam that your are getting the same, or at least similar picture. Here too there is possible a triangle 4th wave, it could be complete or still in need  of a d and e, which would simple consume time but not change anything else. By the time you get to that $23 level, the B wave in the larger B-wave, you will have lost 1/2 of your money when measured from the top. If the stock does indeed go to the expected target, below $5, any gains will be lost.