indu feb8 2012

The DOW has clearly exceeded its May 2 high of 12876 by about 50+ points. This would normally negate the count, that is the one where this was wave 1 down followed by an a-b-c correction/rebound. I simple do not know what to do with this! The structure is just fine, only it should not have gone this high. EW is supposed to work when markets work, that is when there are a multitude of participants who freely make up their minds to buy or sell. Perhaps this precondition is no longer met now that CB’s have thrown in 15 trillion into the punch-bowl (1/3 of the value of world equities!), never mind all the other “stimulating” factors. I just do not understand but at the same time will not get religious or dogmatic about it. Other than the Nasdaq, which is in a completely different phase, just about every other major index has NOT negated this count, so for the time being we will stick with it. Below are some examples;

DAX feb 9 2012SPX feb 9 2012NYA feb 9 2012

stox600 feb 9 2012TSX feb 9 2012DJT

You can click on them to enlarge. Un till such time that a few more of these “negate” the count I will take the catholic approach and simple nullify this one  single incident.