EL, Estee Lauder Cos Inc.

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EL Analyst Opinion

This stock has traded at a high of $60.365 but the charts suggest it might go a little higher. The charts and the price targets of 18 brokers suggest maybe $65 is in the cards. By the way not a single broker is suggesting a sell. If one considers that those lucky enough to own this stock, have a six bagger for sure one can only wonder what the adage buy low, sell high  means in practice. In our opinion it means now or hold on with a very tight stop.

    There are a few very good reasons to sell. The upper trend line is at about $65. At $65 waves 1 and 5 are equal. $62 is a nice round Fibo #. A thrust from the present, minor wave 4 triangle, would target about $63. The and MACD are both already heading down. Last but not least, the analysts that are always excellent prognosticators are calling for $63.56, not a single one out of 18 has a sell, it does not seem to be part of their DNA