ANR, Alpha Natural Resources Inc.

anr 2012anr s 2012

Here is another miner, in this case coal, that is a little ahead of and TCK.B. Because the “flat” points to stock prices in negative territory, if it were to unfold as per the picture, which is theoretically possible but in practice not, one must assume that the drop will stop soon. From $95 to $6 is already an impressive correction. Anyone holding this stock seeking alpha must be rather disappointed. It is better to keep stocks that are clearly a hold. There aren’t many but here is one, a grocery store,  that stands out, at least for the past 10 years since a few accounting irregularities tanked the stock;


This is a zig-zag, not that different from a flat except that it is a faster pattern and consequently unfolds as a 5-3-5, not a 3-3-5 sequence. The adjective Koninklijke means Royal.