VALE, Compahnia Vale do Rio Doce. TCK.B Tech Corp

valevale s 2012

I believe this is ’s largest miner. The pattern is perfectly clear, it is a “flat”. It targets about $8/$7 to the downside but obviously can go lower. The minute details are open to debate but the overall pattern is really is not. For comparison we add TCK.B (or A) for which there are previous blogs;

tck.B jul 2012

Teck has the same pattern, except that it is “irregular” (the B-wave is higher than the A wave). It targets about $13 to $15, proportionately about the same level a Vale. There are 9 different blogs going back two years anticipating these moves, perhaps they will continue along the scripted path.

The charts are deliberately with the same time-frame and size. You can click on them and move them around to make a better comparison.