HLF, Herbalife Ltd.

hlf jul 31 2012 lhlf jul 31 2012

Like COH below, this is another member of the $5 to $75 club. Who said we were in a depression. The Fed is creating another bubble as it pursues it’s third mandate, the first two are already irreconcilable as they are mutually exclusive (inflation/ and full employment) and adding a third, surreptitiously through the backdoor, but nevertheless quite openly and deliberately, will just serve to confuse all and mostly the Fed itself.

The big picture is less clear, on the other hand wave A down is very clear. They will be buying more of their own stock which is almost always done at too high a price. Expect the rebound to get to about $61, then wave should start.

If you are the least bit confused about what Herbalife does, here is an excerpt from their website;


If ever you find it hard to attain financial freedom by investing, this might be the better way. As a direct distributor not only do you help others , just like investment advisors, but on top of that you will experience financial freedom the nutritionally  proper way.