IVN, Ivanhoe update.

ivn july 25 2012

See our 19 previous blogs on this stock. In honour of its new name,  starting August but trading Aug 6, we did this all in turquoise . That has the added benefit that you probable cannot read it all that well and will not notice if this proves to be dead wrong.

We have a few problems with the count shown but are trying our best to get to out ideal target of $7.08. We can get there if we gloss over a few irregularities at the top and assume that we are forming a 4th wave triangle. That would solve the timing problem and get us to the target. Of course chances are that we will not get there at all and turn a lot sooner. If you do want to buy do not forget to put the order in with the correct ticker!

By the way, after a little Googling the name does make some sense. Turquoise, or the gemstone is hydrated hydroxyl phosphate of copper and IVN is, if anything, a copper mine! Also the gemstone is the stone of wisdom and spiritual journeys, and corresponds with the astrological Sagittarius sign. If that does not move you here is another, in depth description;

Turquoise helps to ground the wandering wayward spirit,  while keeping their connection to the infinite open. Many people who have a lot of energy avoid "grounding stones" because they think it will "clip their wings".  But Turquoise will allow that energy path to remain open.  In fact, some Native cultures held the belief that by wearing it the human mind becomes one with the universe. Those seeking a profound healing of the spirit and soul should wear turquoise.

How appropriate for the steppes of Mongolia, I may, for a change, buy some myself.