XOM and RDS.a the integrated oils, update.

From the blogs, Nov 19, 2010, and July 13 ,2010;

Buy it here,…………………………………………………………………..Sell when it gets to about $75

xom jul 2010XOM nov 2010

The buy at around $57 was based on the near perfect wedge that had developed. The sell at around $75 was based on the simple fact that these wedges nearly always completely retrace, so that was a minimum expectation. Here is where we are today;

XOM jul 2012

So the stock went a bit above the $75, but more importantly it took a lot longer courtesy the meddling central banks. For almost two years now the stock peaks between $85 and $87 without making any real headway. Here it is in detail;

XOM jul 2012 s

This thing is a wedge, pennant, diagonal whatever. When, not if, it breaks down we will be back at the bottom and then some. Wave 4 of previous degree is not at $53 but at $30, easily attainable if C becomes 1.62x A. The stock was downgraded yesterday by one of the big European houses (UBS?) but the target was raised to $110, go figure.

Royal Dutch did something similar. Here is the old (Nov. 2010) and today’s chart;

rds.a nov 2010rds.a jul 2012

This time the target was dead on but, so far at least, the anticipated drop has not yet happened, but neither has the opposite. If this is a 1-2, 1-2 situation things could get nasty real fast. The target, as with is also around $30.