RGL, Royal Gold

RGL oct 2012

This royalty company has had unbelievable performance. It is now trading with a P/E of 55 and a return of under 1%. It has done the Mnt. Everest thing we have talked about so often, actually it has a single dollar more to go to get there. We do not see a clear count starting from the 2001 low. We would have loved to have owned this stock. Today, short of perhaps one more high, we would prefer to not own it. There are a number of possible triangles in this chart which could point to a 4-5.4-5 kind of situation. Otherwise the whole chart consists of 9 waves , 5 up and 4 down which constitutes a 5 wave sequence. Much of the action occurs in a relatively narrow channel, the only major break-out having just occurred. Use a stop below the upper trend line or sell outright.