CVX update

cvx nov 15 2012

See the blog on this stock from a few days ago. This is just added to show that there is a plausible count for the internals of this 5th wave that covers most of this chart. If correct it would be perfectly reasonable to expect this entire 5th wave to be retraced. This charts count is supported by a number of typical EW features. Wave 3 of 3 is the extended wave as is often the case. Wave 5 of 3 is clearly a wedge. Wave 2 almost retraces wave 1 completely. Wave 5 is from 55 to 118 or 73 points tall. Wave 3 runs roughly from 30 to 100 (see prev. blog), given that that is a monthly chart that does not show the extremes, the two legs are essentially the same size, with 3 slightly longer. A break now of support at about $100 would be very negative for the energy stocks.