TSX 60 capped index, update.

TSX capped may 2012TSX capped nov 14 2012

The usual then (May 2012) and now charts. A little more than 1/2 year has passed and essentially nothing has happened. This has an enormously negative impact on the brain, especially for those without patience , which is just about everyone I know. In this particular case things are even worse than normal as it has already taken so much time Fortunately things are beginning to look up – that is down – when you look at this good-looking Head and Shoulders pattern that is developing. The right shoulder is now a little broader than the left one  (right skewed) which usually means that time is up and when things happen they will do so fast.

In EW terms there is either a 1-2, 1-2 situation, or just a simple a-b-c that has failed or might yet go a little higher. Alternatively a triangle (wave B not 4 is forming). This could still lengthen the time making the demands on our patience excruciatingly more painful. We would presently be about halfway in d with e still to follow. But things might get compressed from here on. All the issues from Europe, America, and even have remained unresolved for such a long time that it is hard to see how the authorities could once again massage this thing upwards. Don’t change your mind now, just step aside.

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