RGR, Sturm Ruger & Co.

rgr nov 2012

Sturm Ruger & Co. is right up there with companies like Smith and Wesson (SWHC), Glock , Baretta etc.etc. The are in the business of selling handguns that have very little purpose in hunting or sports. Particularly those that are built to be carried around concealed. Last month more police checks were done that ever before. Apparently the new entries to this market are often women who believe that they are useful for self protection, and there can be little doubt that these “dispute resolving” instruments make convincing arguments.

As far as RGR is concerned, it is up 10x and some, not a bad run. It may have a 5-wave sequence into one of the tops, it may have a clear B-wave into the second top, and, it is reaching a level that is close to the 61 Fibo ratio. A sell when you add it all up, even if another $5 or so cannot be completely ignored (see chart below). In any case, the UZI , carried under a raincoat , gives a much better bang for the buck.

rgr nov s 2012