WFI, Water Furnace Renewable Energy update

Yes, these are the guys that figured out how to burn water, but, as always, timing is everything. Here are the then  (Aug 18, 2011) and now charts;

wfi aug 8 2011wfi dec 7 2012

You need to enlarge the charts to properly see how nicely the stock followed the script. The low so far was at $12,30, very close to the indicated 61% anticipated drop. The count does not quite look as if it is complete. The third wave on the way up was extended and often corrections go right to the top of the first wave, in this case $12 . Do use a stop just in case somebody exposes the truth by finding out that their proprietary formula for burning water does not work as well as advertised. The stock pays a dividend of 6.7%.

Below is a more detailed chart that shows that there might still be a wave missing;

wfi dec 7 s 2012